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Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Morning

Well this is how my morning has started off. I woke up with a headache which is never never good. But I get them alot so I had to take some meds, which make me feel funny and I hate. Then I go into my kitchen to make my coffee of course. So I start making my coffee and my kitchen sink starts to back up ( BF putting Oil in the sink i'm thinking) So I start our garbage disposal water went EVERY WHERE omg chunks of carrots arg. So I think I've got it fixed so I go into the bathroom to wash my hands and theres water in that sink that just looks nasty just nasty so I start gaging because by this time my head is POUNDING because the meds havent kicked in. So I try to call BF at work he's not answering his phone at work so now I have to sit here and waite until I can get ahold of him to see what he wants me to do. So thats how my morning is going so far and I haven't even finshed my first cup of coffee yet. It's going to be a WONDERFUL day I can just tell. Lol So if I can will be trying to post more things i've made in the past and try to make a few things today. Have a good day Shelby

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