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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where Ive been

Another Update : My grandmother is coming home today. There will be a nurse there most of the time to help my grandfather with her. She is still really confused about alot of stuff and she really can't walk but there hoping that she will get better with time but we will see. I know my grandfather is going to have his hands full with her. And I might be going back down to help with her soon.

Update : She is still really confused and still doesn't know who I am. But she comes and goes to who is who and where she is. Some days are worse than others, I am back home because we are suppose to be getting snow and my grandfather didn't want me to get stuck there since I didn't drive the truck. But If her condition changes I will be going back down, Grandpa said today is a good day and that she is doing better right now. I will keep updating when I get Info Thanks for all the prayers

Right now I am in Ohio they think my Grandmother had a stroke she's really confused right now and she doesn't know who I am. So please pray for her to get better. I will try to update when I can because I have no idea how long I will be here.


Love That Bug said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I will definately keep your family in my prayers

shelbylynn1973 said...

Thank you very much.

diwarli said...

I hope that your Grandma has improved by now. I'm a brand new visitor to your blog thanks to the Cricut community and your comments about how to keep the mat sticky - I'm off to have a look for that now. Take care from Diane

shelbylynn1973 said...

She is getting better everyday starting to walk again.